Floating hotels



Client : EXMAR

Dates : 2006

Presentation :

- For use offshore West Africa

- Accommodating 450 persons

- Water depth: 250 m

- Dimensions of the barge: 122 m x 46 m x 8.2 m

- 8 spread mooring lines

DVO Services :

- General design

- Issuance of a detailed technical dossier in view of the call for tenders towards shipyards

- Research of a shipyard

- Assistance to technical clarifications



Client : EXMAR

Dates : 2002 - 2003

Presentation :

- Accommodation barge for 300 persons

- For use offshore Angola

- Water depth: ~100 m

- 100 m x 30 m x 3 m

- 8 leg catenary mooring

DVO Services :

-EPC activities for conversion of the barge LB4000 into Kissama accommodation barge:

  o Engineering, specification of the equipments, specification for conversion work

  o Procurement

  o Construction management and supervision in Cadiz (Spain)

-Activities for conversion:

  o Conversion of some ballasts into stores

  o Improvement of the mooring system

  o Installation and repair of the crane

  o Hull refit

  o Living quarters revamping, including GA, HVAC, electricity

  o Installation of a new accommodation module

- Delivery on site

- 2004: fairleads repair