Marine & Subsea Operations



Client : STAPEM

Dates : 2004

Presentation :

- 150 km offshore Angola

- FPSO and semi-taut Single Point Mooring buoy

- Flexible hose: 6", 250 m long

- Water depth: 1150 m

- 285 m x 63 m x 32 m

- Storage capacity: 2.2 million bbls

- Maximum oil production: 250 000 bbls / day

DVO Services :

- Preparation of procedures for marine operations regarding offloading facilities



Client : EXMAR

Dates : 2003-2005

Presentation :


- 160 km offshore Libya

- Water depth: 80 m

- Export line: 16” floating hose

DVO Services :

- Management of:

  o Damaged flexible floating offloading hose replacement

  o Hose submarine inspection

  o Inspection of damages on the old hose

- Mooring inspection

- Study for the Y connection of the offloading hose line

- Design of a new secured store onboard the FPSO

- preparation and supervision of Farwah installation

Palanca - Luxembourg

Palanca - Luxembourg

Client: DSM Technology


Dates: 2012



- disconnection of the turret moored Palanca FSO

- connection of tanker Luxembourg as temporary FSO

- offshore Angola, on block 3, operated by Sonangol


DVO Services:

- definition and analyses of data

- definition of required means to perform the vessel replacement

- preparation of the operationnal procedures

- onsite supervision

   o compliance of the naval means present with the requested means

   o installation and pretensionning of anchors and mooring lines

   o disconnection of Palanca FSO (disconnection of electrical connections, disconnection of import and export hoses, disconnection of mooring chains from the turret, temporary mooring of Palanca)

   o Luxembourg VLCC hook-up

   o installation of chain stoppers

   o installation of a platform for hoses connection

   o VLCC positionning

   o chain connection and tensionning

   o import and export hoses connection

   o system test

BD1 rig decommissioning

BD1 rig decommissioning

Client : EXMAR

Dates : 2012

Presentation :

- offshore Libya

- Water depth: 84 m

DVO Services :

- Operating options study

- Sizing of the required crane

- Identification of appropriate means

- Budget forecast




Dates : 2012

Presentation :

- India

DVO Services :

- Onshore inspection of floating hoses

- fixing of damaged hose floatabilities

- assistance to RELIANCE team to reinstall the hoses