Marine Terminals

CBM Sèmè Benin

CBM Sèmè Benin


Dates : 2013 – 2014

Presentation :

- Republic of Benin

- CBM terminal for 10,000 DWT tankers and 70,000 DWT tankers

- Export line diameter: 20”

- Submarine hose length: 91 m

- Water depth: 20 m

- Distance to shore: 7 km

DVO Services :

CBM design including detailed engineering, risk assessment, method statement, technical specifications & data sheets for procurement, testing procedures, installation procedures, operation & maintenance manual for:

- Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM)

- Flexible hose lines

- Mooring buoys and their anchoring

- Navigational aids

- Mooring analysis

- Spare parts and consumables for commissioning and for 2 years operations


Onsite work:

- Assistance for the trenching operations

- Assistance for the onshore pipe laying


Supervision of the offshore campaign



Client: SONARA

Date: 2007-2009

Presentation :

- Cameroon, Limbé

- The Refinery jetty was seriously damaged during a tanker manoeuvre and required heavy structural repairs

DVO Services :

- Project management and client representative

- Planning of the works

- Engineering of a temporary CBM to receive tankers during the jetty repairs

- Supervision of the temporary CBM installation

- Supervision of the preparation of piles to be installed (50 m long, 1,85 m diameter, 80 tonnes)

- Supervision of the jetty repairs with the assistance of a jack-up barge. This included drilling for installation of 3 berthing dolphins, reinforcement of the jetty primary frame and installation of a 60 m long gangway.



Client : ICR for Total

Date : 2008

Presentation :

- Nigeria

- Import / export terminal for refined products

- Tanker size: from 10-15 000 DWT to 40 – 50 000 DWT

- Between 2 and 4 pipelines

DVO Services :

- Feasibility study

- Study of CBM / SPM and jetty options

- Positioning of the terminal

- Routing and sizing of the pipelines




Client : GEOCEAN and TOTAL

Dates : 2005

Presentation :

- Somaliland

- Pipeline laying project for refined products

- Installation of a new mooring system for product tankers in the bay of Berbera

DVO Services :

- Study for substituting the existing terminal with a submarine pipeline and a mooring system

- Study for dismantling the existing damaged offloading arms

- Engineering of the new mooring system

- Preparation and launch of the calls for tenders for the supply of material and for the operations

- Conceptual study for disassembling of the jetty and installation of the terminal

- On-site works engineer: organisation of the submarine pipeline and the CBM installations



Client : TOTAL

Dates : 2001 – 2002

Presentation :

- Equatorial Guinea

- Terminal receiving product  tankers (gasoline, diesel oil , kerosene, ~100.000 tons per year)

- Offloading line: 6” and 400 m long floating hose

- Water depth: from 12 to 20 m

DVO Services :

- Inspection of the marine installations in the terminal

- Study of the different mooring and offloading alternatives (CBM, SPM, dolphins, jetty… and floating hose, subsea pipeline, aerial pipeline)

- Detailed design of the new terminal

- Preparation of the Engineering Procurement Construction and Installation contract for the 8” pipeline and the mooring buoy




Dates : 1992-1995

Presentation :

- North of Qatar

- Building of a LNG port to export gas from “North Field”

DVO Services :

- Port engineering for installation of loading facilities for tankers between 50 000 and 300 000 DWT

- Identification of port modifications necessary for receiving those tankers. Port simulations

- Feasibility study

- Assistance for port modifications

- Redaction of loading procedures