DVO is a part of the Exmar Group.  



DV Offshore is a member of the Economic Interest Group 3EM (Expertises et Etudes en Energies Marines) which aim is to provide expertise for the development of renewable marine energy.



DVO is a member of the gep (Groupement des Entreprises Parapétrolières et Paragazières), an association for the companies supplying equipment and services to the international oil & gas industry which have a significant activity in France. It includes engineering, contractors, research institutes and international operators.



DV Offshore is a member of the CLAROM (Club pour Les Actions de Recherche sur les Ouvrages en Mer), a group of research organisations, oil companies and offshore equipment and service companies that commonly carry out R&D programs aiming at better understanding of offshore structures behaviour and improved design methods.



Offshore Foundation Solutions is a joint venture between CATHIE ASSOCIATES, CETEAL and DV Offshore, 3 engineering companies originally coming from the oil and gas sector. OFS is dedicated to the design of foundations for the Marine Renewable Energy sector and covers the areas of offshore geotechnics and geophysics, steel and concrete structure analysis and marine operations.